16 Jan 2006

What is a domain name?

Posted by kilbot | Filed under: Frequently Asked Questions, Hosting FAQ

A domain name is your unique address on the internet (eg: kilbot.com.au). Domains are available from Domain Name Registrars. The registrars charge a yearly or biannual fee and so long as you continue to pay the fee no one else can register or use that domain name.

A domain name contains an extension called the TLD. The most common TLD is the .com (short for commercial). The equivalent TLD in Australia is the .com.au. Functionally there is no difference between a .com and a .com.au – the internet will deal with each equally – however you do need an Australian Business Number (or similar) to register for a .com.au. Other TLDs have similar restrictions, for example a .org.au can only be registered by a non-profit organisation, a .edu.au can only be registered by an educational institution etc.

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  • Percy Holl

    In this post you have been shared great stuff on domain name, it is very useful for all website owner. There are different variations in domain name extensions. 

  • Domain name is unique name and  some people does not aware about the .com .au domains that is represents Australian business numbers so we can easily identified that domain.