17 May 2007

Gisborne Golf Club

Posted by kilbot | Filed under: News, Portfolio

We have just released a new site for Gisborne Golf Club, a great golf course about 45 minutes drive north of Melbourne. The site uses WordPress as a content management system for easy updating and features the high standards of coding and attention to detail that you would expect from a Kilbot Factory website.


  • mal

    Not a very good job. There is no address or location map. I’m planning my route and don’t know where the course is in relation to the town.
    Otherwise, very pretty.

  • There is actually an address and a Google Map on the contact page. I wrote back to Mal and he said “My apologies. Didn’t look for the address there. Expect it on the HOME page. Site is good and clean.”

    This should serve as a reminder to web developers *and* clients… you can’t guarantee your visitors will drill down, even if it’s one click away. All important information, phone numbers, address, should appear on the Home page. Or at least the direction to this information should be made clear.

    For Gisborne Golf Club I will suggest we add the address and phone number to the footer of all pages.

  • When I access the gisbornegolf webpage, click on members, the only thing that shows is the office bearers. I have to use the site index to navigate to next level. Is there something missing on my browser?


  • This issue has been fixed.

    For anyone interested, here’s a technical explanation…

    Internet Explorer 6 only allows the CSS hover selector on a (or link) tags, which means dropdown menus (such as those on the Gisborne Golf Club site) don’t work with pure CSS in IE6. It’s a well known bug and there are several workarounds. One created by Peter Nederlof uses a .htc file to add the behaviour for IE6. This works fine, but it seems the most recent release of IE6 has tightened security and will only read .htc files delivered with the text/x-component MIME type. This change in Internet Explorer has the effect of breaking dropdown menus on some servers – including mine.

    My solution was to apply a straight javascript fix for the CSS hover selector. It means that a hack for IE6 has to be unnecessarily applied to all browsers, but it is future proof for any other security changes Internet Explorer makes for .htc files… the day when IE6 hacks are a thing of the past cannot come soon enough.

  • I would have liked to see the course layout in the hole by hole details. Would be good to see in advance before you get on the course the hole layout (hazards, bunkers and greens) other than that a pretty good web site.