17 Jul 2007

Waterkeepers Australia

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Waterkeepers Australia websiteWaterkeepers Australia came to us in desperate need of a website redesign. Their previous website was hard to update, hard to navigate and hard to read. So this is what we did;

  • Stripped out the old table-based layout and started from scratch with a fresh, modern design.
  • Installed WordPress as a content management system for easy updating.
  • Integrated Google Calendar and Flickr to increase community involvement.
  • Brought members and participation to the fore with feature boxes and quick links.

We think the results speak for themselves, so please check out the Waterkeepers Australia website and help protect Australia’s precious waterways.


  • Ghunt

    Do you still have content form the old site? I was the National Manager of Waterkeepers Australia at the time and I established the old website through a person I worked with in the education sector. I used to post articles on News and I am trying to track down the transcript of a speech that Robert Kennedy Jnr gave in Melbourne in 2006(?) that I had typed out and I posted on the site. I am on ghunt@casey.vic.gov.au Any assistance would be appreciated.
    @casey:disqus And yes, the nwebsite was much better. It is a pity that Waterkeepers Australia is no more.
    Greg Hunt

  • Hi Greg, it looks like archive.org has a copy here: http://web.archive.org/web/20090914071223/http://www.waterkeepers.org.au/2005/07/29/bobby-kennedy-president-of-the-us-waterkeeper-alliance-spoke-in-melbourne-recently/

    I hope that helps!

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