13 May 2009

Will I have the ability to update my website, eg: change text, upload photos etc?

Posted by kilbot | Filed under: Frequently Asked Questions, Web Development FAQ

This is probably the most frequently asked question during the web development process. The answer is “of course” but the option that is right for you will vary, you need to have a think about your requirements, your computer skills and your budget. Take a moment to consider the following three alternatives…

Updating HTML via FTP or the cPanel
All our hosting clients have access to their source files either through FTP or through the File Manager in cPanel (see your Welcome letter for login details). If you want to get your hands dirty and really take control of your site you can update files yourself (we pride ourselves on clean code so we’d like to think our HTML is readable by just about anyone :-)). See the great W3Schools site for excellent tutorials on everything you need to get you started.

Content Management System (CMS)
A CMS gives you control over various aspects of your site through an online administration area. The two CMS’s that we predominantly use are WordPress and Expression Engine, both are very well developed and easy to use, updating content or adding a new page is as easy as using MS Word. If you need to post news or blog entries, run a forum, shopping cart or similar, then you will need a CMS.

Hire a developer by the hour!
This option seems a little self serving I know, but seriously consider how many updates you will actually make per year. If it’s less than 12 updates a year, or one a month, then I can almost guarantee hiring me by the hour will be a cheaper option than a CMS. I have lost count of how many clients who have requested and invested in a content management system, only to let it sit and not regularly update their websites. Adding a CMS, along with training etc can quickly add thousands of dollars to your quote. My standard web fee for website updates is $50/hour, uploading a new photo and changing some words might take 30mins .. so if you make 12 updates a year: $25 x 12 = $300/year.