18 Oct 2011

Download E-Record

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Since July 2010, the Australian Tax Office withdrew support for E-Record – their free electronic record-keeping system. For small businesses (like mine) this is a disappointment, while E-Record was very simple it provided all the functionality necessary without the steep learning curve of other software.

The ATO website no longer includes links for the E-Record software which means that many of us have been left without software to access our old records. For convenience I have included download links for both the Windows and Mac software below. If anyone has advice on the best replacement for E-Record we’d love to hear them in the comments!

Download e-Record Version 6.2 Win32 – 16.1 MB

Download e-Record Version 6.2 Mac – 13.2 MB

Please Note: These files will be available here for as long as people still need them They will always be free, however, if you download the files please consider ‘liking’ us on Facebook – we would really appreciate it and it costs nothing! The files are provided ‘as is’, I provide no support for the software and you agree to use at your own risk!

  • Rampaul2004

    Thanks very much for posting erecord 6.2. I love it.

  • mark cameron


  • deb

    Thanks very much for this, I am happy with its simplicity and recently lost my previous version when I had problems with the computer. 

  • Bid

    thankyou. thankyou. thankyou. thankyou.
    I know I should have been more aware but the fact is, I wasn’t.
    It came time to transfer my Tax Affairs to a new computer and ~  WHAM!  ~  no more ATO downloads of e-Record 6.2.
    You are a legend and a lifesaver.

    THEN, what the Quokk is the best replacement?

    Peace.    Bid

  • Hi Bid, no problem hosting these files for as long as needed, I’m happy to help. 

    As far as a replacement .. I’m still not sure. At the moment I’m going to stick with the old version of e-Record. As far as I can see it is fine to use for a couple of years yet, hopefully a new program will emerge before then!

  • cory

    I have spent nights looking for a replacement. Thank you so much. E records is so simple. Cory.

  • D_mgordon


  • Daily Computer Repairs

    Glad to be defiant where the ATO is concerned!

  • Nat

    Thank heaps for allowing us to down load e-record.  We had our laptop stolen that had it on.  It is a fantastic program.  I don’t know what I would have done without it.

  • David

    Thankyou so much….unfortunately I have upgraded my mac and I don’t think it will run this software. I haven’t kept records since they withdrew the support….I’m so disappointed. 

  • David


    I tried Version 6.2 on my Mac running 10.6.2 and of course it won’t run……still have no means of tax record keeping. I’m struggling with Excel but apart from getting my head around the program I still have to create all the forms which is no easy task in itself….I think it was most unfair of the ATO to withdraw support….they’re blatant bullies really and we should take a “peoples action against them…cheers David

  • Aysia76

    Thankyou SSSSOOOOO MMMMUUUCCCCHH, anyone having any difficulties, create a small virtual XP drive and run it on that! works great! even if it just sees out this financial year, half anhour of stuffing around with great result!

  • terry

    Ohhh thank you had a virus and then e record was gone – all my book keeping! thank you for still making e-record accessible you saved me 

  • Daniel


  • Allan Pitts

    your programme e-record version 6.2 Mac needs power pc to open the programme .Is there and updated version of this e-record as my latest Mac is unable to open the current version on your website 

  • Shane

    Thank you so much for doing this.  I was lost without it when I changed my computer and could not find anything else comparable for simplicity and ease of operation.  
    Well done

  • Pgase

    I much appreciate your posting of eRecord.
    Thanks for the generosity that ATO can’t provide.

  • Garryheaney

    When I go to open the download it is telling me Power PC applications are not supported I have the latest Mac

  • Bent

    My erecord was find until I installed the latest upgrade to Snow Leopard – 10.6.8 – now it’s cactus.  I’ve just downloaded it from this site and installed it on an old Mac I have lying around.  And it works fine on older versions of snow leopard.  

  • Hi Allan, there is no updates to the software. You will need to use an older version of the MacOS (with rosetta) or find a Windows computer.

  • Jasmyn99

    I have downloaded to my pc but it wont let me open what am i doing wrong?

  • kate

    Is is compatable with Windows7 – I downloaded it and when I click on the shortcut on my desktop it says Windows can’t open this file. I previously had it set up on XP but have lost that although I have files – help – I also can’t do without E record!!

  • LDimmock

    You are magnificient – yes, this is still a good solution for very small businesses – the ATO must have lost the plot when they decided to stop supporting this (and their customers)

  • Shane

    Well done guys!

  • Hi Kate, I don’t use Windows 7 but according to http://www.computer-aid.com.au/software/erecord/erecord.html : 

    Windows 7: The first time you run it, it will say it doesn’t know how to open worksheetindex2.ifm. At this point, you get windows to open the file using either: C:Program Files (x86)FileNeteFormsFiller.exe or C:Program FilesFileNeteFormsFiller.exe. You can also tick the box that says “use this application from now on”.

  • Hoheps101

    Thank you for making this available, so disappointed with ATO!

  • You could try http://www.freeaccountingsoftware.com.au

    It’s got free support. If you are using unsupported accounting software you risk losing data and therefore your time.

  • Yogie Bear

    Hi ,Have been looking all over ,so many people ask me about e record ,hve used it since it startered,but could not share it now i can thanking you Yogie

  • Mark

    thanks for uploading this

  • RonM

    Great stuff, thanks for that!! Anybody knows where I can download the tutorial (eRec_Tutorial.exe)

  • Excel

    Thankyou for your input I have since acquired a windows 7 computer for the programme  I did purchase MYOB to complicated E-record is simple thanks again

  • Joff

    Thanks for this!

  • The Accountant

    I have been in the Accounting profession for around 30 years and worked as a Tax Accountant for 22 years, and the best initiative made by the ATO has been the release of E-Record. I have followed the E-Record program since the issue of the Pre-Production Version to tax agents in 2000 and have seen the changes and improvements to the software over the last decade together with the benefits that small and micro businesses have received in using E-Record. After researching into replacement software, and to the best of my knowledge, I have found no software equivalent to E-Record that I would recommend to the small and micro business sector. From what I have observed there are probably more users of e-Record than of MYOB and Quickbooks combined. I have retained a copy of e-Record V.6.2 which I obtained from the ATO website in June 2010 just prior to the ATO’s termination of support for the software, and I have handed it out to many of my clients who are very happy with it.  I have even found that the Win32 version works well on a Win64 operating system. The only minor problem that occurred was if you create an icon for it in the taskbar for Windows 7 (Win32 and Win64) you have to righthand click the icon and then click on WorksheetIndex2 for the program to open correctly. However, if you open the program using the standard icon on the desktop screen you do not have this small technical problem.

    I say that if you can use e-Record then stay with it.

    If you have the CutePDF Writer program or its eqivalent you can regularly create a hard copy of your e-Record data “outside e-Record”.  This means that if your e-Record was to fail at some future date you would have a copy of the data in e-Record that you regularly updated.

    Good Luck to all users of e-Record.

  • Bp Rm Smith

    Thank you very very very much,like a lot of users of e-record, when the old computer packs it in we had no way to install e-record on a new computer until now, thank you again.

  • Elisesch

    Hi  I had wincashbook recommended to me by my accountant, its not bad. We have 3 small businesses and only one I collect gst, so I cant make up invoices for the 2 businesses that don’t collect gst which was a big part of why I wanted it. Thanks for the erecord download. I have liked you on fb!

  • Joeldillon

    Thank you dont know what i would do with out e-record

  • Cathy

    Thank you so much. I have a client who has just bought in three years of income tax information, on e-record. I was despairing about where to get a copy.

  • Sallyhunter

    Thanks so much for the use of this download. I love etools and still use it. Wanted to download to my laptop. Yet had no way of doing it until now. Very Much Apprieciated . Sally

  • Woody51

    Thanks heaps for posting this, lost everything on PC and found the ATO don’t support it anymore, Saved my life

  • Sherice

    I have spent the day in tears today after discovering that the ATO have discontinued this with no warning and no one to assist me.  I cannot believe they can be so heartless.  Thank you sooooo much for this you are a life saver.  Sherice

  • Robin

    GREAT!  Moved to Mac after having big problems with e-record on old PC.
    Seems terrific on Mac now.  Thanks heaps.

  • Debs

    Thanks for still having ERecord, our main computer died and luckily the files were still on the internal hard drive, which I have now have access to. BUT how do I load the files back into E Record ?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated

  • Adamandtash

    Please help. I have read thru all the postings hoping to find an answer and yet it still evades me. I was using erecord version 5 and had a computer meltdown. I backed it up to external hard drive but there is no program that created it. I have tried your download to no avail, the prompt states the following ” This error report includes: information regarding the condition of Install eForms 4.2 and e-record v6.2b1 when the problem occured: the operating system version and computer in use: your digital product ID, which could be used to identify your licence: and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer.”
    Im no techy so Im confused. I need to retrieve my files urgently or am in deep trouble with ato- figures are late.
    Please someone help me and advise what I need to do / install to retrieve my files

  • Hi Adamandtash, the error you describe seems to be a generic Windows error, it could really be anything. I can’t give specific support but my generic advice would be:

    Download and install updates and device drivers for your computer from Windows Update.Scan your computer for computer viruses.Check your hard disk for errors.

  • Cooper108

    Anyone else have the problem  of e record not working on Mac 10.6.8 and if so how to solve it??

  • Joanl52

    Someone with some common sense! Thank you from an accounts challenged small business owner :))))) & I will Love you on Facebook!!!!!!!!

  • Msbowdangles

    Thank you for providing this information. I was beginning to think their was no help for people who had lost, or had problems with  E Record

  • ‘Tis Moi

     Hi kilbot!

    I’m just starting out to begin a small business from home. I have heard so many horror stories of MYOB & no one really seems to like Quickbooks/Quicken much either…and I stumbled upon this software- with rave reviews!

    My query is how this compares to Gnucash. My biggest concern is that e-Record is no longer supported.

    My biz is only me- no employees, no GST, sole trader, services (no product).

    Your thoughts?


    Tracy   :)

  • Barefoot4

     Yo Mr Kilbot
    Well done mate! Yes, when I upgraded my computer I forgot about E record. Downloading was easy as. I lost a couple of months but can put the info back in without too much drama(I hope?)

  • Jhall

    Thank you ssssooo much, I would give you a huge hug if I could :-)  I thought I had lost all my tax info for the past fiveyears!!!  I’ve been searching for a download for two days an came across your site.  Thank you so much apprecaite it.

  • Jemma

    Thanks so much. So disappointed that ATO dumped it. I still use it and was able to direct a friend to your site to get theirs.

  • Tinashea

    Looking at buying a new computer and not sure which wat to go Windows 7 or Apple iMac but definitely need to be able to run eRecord. Which would be the better option? Any feedback would be gravely appreciated.

  • Pas


  • Sue

    Thank You I thought I was the only person who is still using erecords. I tried cashflow and myob and went back to erecords. This program is so easy to use and saves you time. Thank You 

  • Craigwatson69

    Is there anyway of using this on a new mac?

  • It won’t run on OSX 10.7, you’ll need to use a virtual machine.

  • Lance

    I love you, you just saved my ass I cant find my copy and I have just re installed windows

  • Lisa

    I’ve stupidly just upgraded my Mac to 10.8 which has knocked out my e-Record. Is there any way to get it back?

  • Captain Greeny

    Thanks for this, making life much easier! I am setting up my version again. I am having trouble putting my logo onto the invoice, is there a problem with this now? I have the logo in bitmap but the program doesn’t seem to recognise it anywhere.

  • GMacka

    Thank you for having the foresight to preserve a copy of this software.I only just discovered that the ATO wasn’t supporting eRecord any more when I bought a new computer a week or 2 ago and tried unsuccessfully to transfer the program from my old machine to my new one. The download you’ve provided here and the back-up facility on my old program have worked successfully. This software is just so simple to use and as a small business with basic accounting needs it is just perfect for us. Hope it never becomes obsolete.

  • Nicci

    Thanks from me too. What a bonus to find E Record after a change of computers. Such a loss. Don’t do Facebook but thanks very much Kilbot!

  • Kim Tanska

    I’m having trouble opening e-record. My PC says that there is no program to open it. Filent does not instal. Comes up with “Error 1324. The path Saved Files contains an invalid character”. I’m running Windows Vista Business.

  • pia

    great thanks! just what I was looking for. :)

  • jason

    Thank you so much for keep e-record available to all of those ‘old schoolers’ like me :) really saved me so much time and hassle. cheers!!

  • Erecord installs into a folder on the c drive called Informed.After you install the new version, assuming it is the same as the version on the old computer, copy the entire folder and all of the subfolders from your old computer to your new computer. Rename the Informed folder on the new computer first.
    Worked for me and all my records are exactly where I left them,

  • adrian

    downloaded e-record and installed it on my laptop with widows 7 no problem at all reinstalled my old version of worksheet.ifm and managed to retrieve all my information thank you for keeping a copy for down loading , greatly appreciated

  • Gayle

    Thank you guys so much!! I thought I was the only person still using erecord! My computer died and I was so stressed as I could not access it & my new computer is a mac. I have downloaded your mac version and OMG! it works. I have been using erecord since it began, even when the accountant told me not to – it is so easy to use. My uncle knew the person who created it and told me to give it a go and I have used it since. Bring back erecord!!

  • Thanks for your initiative. Like someone else here, I had backed-up data files I had to review for tax purposes and a new computer without E-Record installed.
    It raises a bigger issue of course, the ATO not only doesn’t pay businesses to account for and collect their revenue but has withdrawn from providing any tools to assist those same unpaid workers and thus we have an abundance of BAS accounting product providers peddling products that demand annual subscription fees.

    I don’t understand why the ATO couldn’t continue the support of this excellent and simple to use product.

  • Lesley

    Thankyou very much,I tried to migrate my e-record from my old mac to new one but it wouldn’t work until I downloaded this newer version you have here,I now have all my records on my new mac and life for this small business(farm) is all rosy again. When the GST first came in the tax office came around our community and helped us all get and work with e-record and then they cut it off? Can’t see the sense in that!

  • Marian

    A great program I have been using forever. So far still OK but nice to know this is here if I ever need it. Thanks.

  • thank you for e record download!!!!!!!!! i was in a world of accounting stress since i killed my old pc, please support Kilbot. :)

  • Jackie J Love

    I have just bought a Mac with Mountain Lion, but it doesn’t support this software, so I will partition the Mac so it’ll run it on Windows 7…unless anyone has any suggestions. this is a great software package! Thank you for keeping it here.

  • tvv

    Many thanks for solving my problems, able to download and transfer my saved data from crashed computer…eternally grateful to our clever grandpa for finding your site

  • Sabrina

    Thank goodness the world has considerate people like you! You saved me from a complete melt down…thanks kilbot!!

  • Jen

    Thank you so much for still having E Record. Its such a simple and great program to use, I cant believe the ATO removed it. Love your work Kilbot

  • Wayne

    Hi thanks for the backup copy of e-Record. I have used it since it started and would love to keep it going because it is so easy!
    Has there been any indication of if it will move over to Windows 8 please?

  • Di McGavigan

    great! I’ve been searching too! lol! I am upgrading to an apple mac
    laptop…and see that I can download to that when I get it!..yay!! thank
    you so much! I’m bookmarking this page! you are a gem!:)

  • Alison

    I have used this programe for years and was so upset when ATO discontinued with it. I tried MYOB at a huge cost and is the hardest form of accounting I have ever done so thank you for creating this site. I have downloaded the e-record but it will not let me add the year it keeps reverting back to 2003-2004 help!!

  • Adam

    My thanks to you too. In the change over from one computer to another, the original self extracting .exe file for e-record went walk about, I had the 6.2 upgrade, but not the original 6.0 to upgrade from, I now have the 6.2 full version thanks to you, and I can now keep operating. Thanks Again, Adam

  • glitzyritz

    We have upgraded our computer and needed to load the E-Record program. Thank you for providing the download. All works perfectly.

  • Robbie

    thanks so much, like all things to do with computers it’s all ok when the going is good but when it decides to stop, it is NO Fun at all

  • Geoff

    much appreciated.

  • Rowena Jayne

    Help…. now with Mountain Lion for mac it doesn’t open the files…. all my records are lost.. is there a way to have it work? it says pc power applications no longer supported?

  • zoe

    Thanks you so much! May you and your works be blessed abundantly.

  • Lee

    Hi is there any way to download e-record to a Mac Air 2011? I have tried to download rosetta but Apple says it does not support it anymore

  • cole

    i have downloaded to my mac but can’t open say its no longer supported can anyone help me to get it working ?

  • Haz

    I am really so happy that you provide a free downlaod. I have e record 6 for my laptop. When I tried to install the free download for windows an error message comes up and tells me to contact ATO. I saved my records on an my external hard drive when my laptop crashed. Now i cannot access it and am 3 months late in lodging my BAS. Is there any other way I can get access my records. Thanks

  • Brian Trendell

    Appreciate what you have done and service is not your problem. Have downloaded but unable to restore old files. Tried to create new business but get this message:

    bCreate record is not defined {line1of “Continue Restore”} {line 18 of “Event_Record New Business Details”}

    Anybody found this and were they able to solve?


    Brian Trendell


  • kaza karina

    Thank you, thank you, thank you I love e record (even if my accountant wants me to use something else) I was pulling my hair out when I got a new computer and was unable to find it no other program is the same you are a life saver.

  • oh no! i get an error message on my Mac saying Power PC applications are no longer supported :( anyone have any advice?

  • Bec

    thank you for still offering this download. I used E-Record years ago and was shocked when I went to download it for my new business. I am so grateful.

  • Elie

    thank you that was great help

  • Andrew

    Thanks so much for providing this link to download Erecord. I blindly updated to Mac Mountain Lion just yesterday not realizing that doing so would make Erecord inoperable. Almost had a heart attack when I went to make an entry in Erecord this morning and it wouldn’t open.

    Luckily I had an older laptop running 10.6.8 and so could use your link to download Erecord and then accessed my backed up files and presto all back to normal – albeit on the wrong computer. Ugh.

    So, I have to face reality and change to a new simple personal accounting software system that will run on my mac. Any suggestions? Is there a product that will seamlessly import my Erecord data for this financial year so I don’t have to go through and enter 7 months of data manually? peacocka@rocketmail.com

    Of course that still won’t help with Etax come August because the ATO remains useless in the face of a real need for mac users to be ab;le to use Etax – without installing windows and running ‘Parallels’ etc!!
    Again, thanks very much.

  • Hutton

    Have changed over to a new Windows 7 based computer and cannot install e-Record (works fine on older XP based computers). Are there any tricks to installing on Win7?

  • jay

    I have just bought an apple Mac Pro and tried to download record (they said it was possible) only to discover I can’t. Message comes up Power PC applications are no longer supported. Anyone know what to do? Do I need to get a new accounting package?

  • jay

    Oops I meant to say download e-record..

  • Shane

    does anyone know that the backup files are called from e-record 6? I can’t find them on my computer

  • Perfect! I had to re-image and was at a loss as to what to use and then I find this website. Thank you, I’ve been using e record for some time and it’s perfect for sole trader business

  • Jackojm

    As an accountant with a number of smaller clients thanks for the service you offer in providing this software

  • Rental Friend

    Thank you so much for providing this great product. It was disappointing to hear the ATO stopped distributing it. Great to have it back. Works perfectly.

  • PuppetDan

    Oh no, my MacBook says that it cant open the app because Power PC applications are no longer supported. Does anyone have any idea how to get around this? All my info is in eRecord and i had to upgrade computers.

  • Steve

    Will this work with Windows 8?

  • mike jensen

    great work guys

  • Geor

    Hi there, managed to download and install but having trouble uploading my main file, (“Mile”) I locate it, restore from back up and it says it’s done it (restored the”Mile” file)but then takes me to another files data (“Geor” although the business name is the same) and won’t show the original business that I tried to select in the first “select business” box (“Mile” won’t appear even after I’ve restored)!? yet the file says it’s got 248mb data in it! If anyone can help I’d be very appreciative! I am screwed if can’t get this data.

    Thankyou :) “Geor”

  • raconteuse

    Thank you so much for this. What a relief! I’ve struggled like so many others, to find another program that worked as easily and simply as e-record. Nothing but hell and desolation. I didn’t realise I could still use it. Since it was withdrawn, I’ve been unable to complete my tax, and every BAS has been a hopeless struggle. I’ll return to this with pleasure for as long as it’s possible to continue with it. The only really accessible program for a small business such as ours. I’m so grateful that I can sleep easily at last. Thank you a thousand times.

  • macca

    Thanks for posting E record .Lost my copy when system crashed.

  • Finchy

    Thank you so much we would be lost without you

  • Os.

    Can any one help with running Erecord2, when i click on the shortcut it comes back with “windows cannot access the specified drive, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. my path is C:informeddataErecord2worksheetIndex2.ifm. Help have to do my BAS statement this week, accountants going on Hols.!!!

  • Lisa Shah

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using MYOB but for several reasons have issues with accessing it right now and just want to simplify things and start fresh.
    I’ve been searching the ATO site for the link and then, finally found you!
    I will like your FB page and wanted to acknowledge your assistance in providing this tool.
    Big thank you!

  • Shari

    Hi there I’m trying to load e record on my laptop and an error has come up. is there anyone that could help me out i’m not very tech savvy so am having probs reloading on my new laptop. Many thanx Shari

  • jf3000

    Shari, what errors are you having? Seems only a few of us remain who host E-Record.

  • jf3000

    Seems like you didnt install the complete package, there are 2 install files built into the installer, the first installs erecord the second installs the viewer to read the package.

  • Shari

    Hi there, I’m trying to re-load from your website onto my new laptop but it didn’t work.
    Do you have any advise on what exactly to do & perhaps a link to the best one as from memory there were a few options.
    I have a HP windows 8 laptop?


  • Is your windows 8 running 32 or 64bit? You can from my own site, I dont run this site, I only came here because people were needing help.


    On that page it has links to E-Record and also I talk about updating the software and also running on 64bit.

  • You can download e-Record from


  • John

    Thanks for providing e-record 6.2. I was using an earlier version which was no longer compatible when I updated to a computer using the Windows 8 operating system. I was less than impressed when I found that the ATO no longer supported e-record as it is such easily used software for sole traders such as myself. I spent hours looking for a replacement, including purchasing QuickBooks, which I found useless, compared to e-record.

  • Desperate

    Ive downloaded it but it doesn’t seem to work on my laptop. I have windows 7 premium home . When I looked up the system info it says x 64 based so would this be why. Sorry I have no clue about computers. thanks

  • Belinda Weinstein

    oh no this was a fantastic program but my new mac wont support it ! :(

  • sandi

    Hi just downloaded erecord onto my windows 8 computer but it says windows cannot open program do you know a way around this problem

  • TarnBerry

    I have continued using erecord on my desktop. I now have an ipad. Can version 6.2 be downloaded onto the pad?

  • Tricky

    Hello, I have recently worked on a computer still using e-records, data was backed up but can not get the files to open.
    The files i have are .ifm, i have downloaded e-records from this site.
    Can anyone tell me if this program can still be used and how to set it back up??

  • lwest

    Thanks heaps! Have a new computer and was not able to obtain from ATO. You have made my day!!!

  • Vickib

    THANKYOU SO MUCH! My Accountant hates erecord- I LOVE it- whats going to happen whern GST goes up?

  • Myra

    Thanks heaps… I am new to e-record and would like to ask how many businesses/company can you add to it?

  • philtbc

    Thank you for keeping the files available for all of us to download. Unfortunately for us the upgrade didn’t help our problem. We accidentally deleted the original worksheetindex.ifm file and now all previous financial year files will not open properly. does any one here know of a way to extract the information stored on the .ifm files ?

  • faye

    I deleted my 6.1 rerecord by mistake l had 2 days to gst thanks a million I am back on track and as well have the 6.2 keep up the good work

  • Robyn Holtham

    You deserve a medal for doing this! Thank you so much – have forwarded the link to my accountant! :-)

  • Carol Houghton

    Thank you, Mr Kilbot! This is the second time I have used your download. After hours of initial searching for the software following a computer crash, I wisely bookmarked your page for future reference. I’m impressed that you have kept eRecord available to us for so long and saved many people, including me, a lot of stress and heartache. Well done, indeed!

  • monstar

    can you still use e-recored? i have downloaded it but cannot open it?

  • Pat

    Well e-record work on iPad

  • FaulcoPete

    Thanks from me, too. Even though eRecord has some quirks (like the really annoying trait of wiping out an invoice entry if you press an up or down cursor), it suits my purposes perfectly. I thought that I’d saved a copy; not so. So thanks a million.

  • Vonda

    I have been using this program for small business for about six years. Great product. Then needed something cloud based so could access from anywhere and came across http://www.manager.io.
    Have found this great, has support, updates regularly, is free, generates reports, BAS etc. Based in Sydney. May not suit everyone but I have found it to be the next best.

  • Michael Gurry

    I downloaded this program 1 year ago and it worked fine. Last week I tried to go to the New Year but it would not do it, said there was an error in a line of the code. So I first checked that your site still had it available then uninstalled it and tried to re-install it but got an error message saying I only had version 1 and it could not install v6.2. Now I can’t view any of my previous tax files!! Do I need to somehow install v2 or v4 before I can use this download? Any help would be gratefully accepted. Michael.

  • john


    Im getting this message when i try to open a file

    the ifm file cannot be opened now as you are currently working with the business with bussiness code

    what have i done
    what can i do

  • James

    GnuCash is not to bad, A bit harder to use

  • Fiona

    I am considering Intuit Quick Books but the monthly fee for the use of an online system I can access from anywhere really puts me off. Small business is hard enough without added expenses. I will try this … it has taken me weeks to find it … and with a bit of luck this will keep me going for a year or two until I can afford one of the fancy replacements.

  • Prue

    Hi for some reason this doesn’t work on my mac, can you help?

  • kay

    Can anyone please help, I need to get some old records from erecord. I have version 6 but cant open the records. I have tried and tried but it keeps telling me I need ot open worksheet index. Grrr. I have it on a external hard drive as my previous computer died, and I also saved it to a disk, but the damn thing wont open. I went into informed, data, erecord. If anyone can help please explain it in basic terms as I am not very computer savvy. I need to find out the imformatio urgently
    Thanks in anticipation.

  • jf3000

    You can run the erecord from within a sandbox emulating windows xp. Dont run under Windows 8, will not work, sandboxie will help you.

  • mc

    I think you have to double click/ open the worksheet index in your back up file directly. Rather than opening erecord and navigating to it from within the program

  • kay

    What is sandboxie? never heard of it is it a programme as I have said I am a novice and dont understand the jargon. Can you please explain in layman terms,

  • kay

    Hi mc.
    I have done everything to try to open. The records are there, but I dont know how to get the worksheet index up to open it. The records are there in the background. Frustrating. I backed up on an external Hard drive and also on a disk, but all it keeps telling me is to open with worksheet index , and I have tried and tried.
    I am just about ready to explode.

  • sheila Malipenga

    pls help me,what are the merits and demerits of using e records

  • NR77TY

    you guys are life savers! my erecord program became corrupted and wouldn’t allow access to my details. I can breathe easy now :)

  • Dave

    Hi Kilbot….Do you have any updates on e-record replacements. I have basically given up keeping Tax records( Yes I know and it makes me nervous) since the ATO stopped support. I’m on a Mac

    10.9.3…….I’m considering buy a PC just for Tax records but what are the systems requirements? I have downloaded paid for and tried Moneyworks and MYOB but both just “do my head in” after the simplicity of E-record. Technology after all should make it easier for us…..any other suggestions please?

  • jf3000

    Dave – E-Record has reached the end of the line but simply because people upgrade there PC’s and run Windows 8 when they run E-Record it just doesn’t work, well on a brighter note it does work flawlessly under Windows 8. If you want to try something different give Reckon a go which is high up on the chain with MYOB – http://www.reckon.com – If you need help or support with E-Record I can offer it to you free from here




  • jf3000

    E-Record Support is available Under Windows 8


    Open a ticket and post your questions.

  • Dave

    Thanks JF……I’m also looking at fresh books but they don’t seem to have an option in their invoicing for bank transfers……maybe they have done a deal with PayPal or slide but their invoicing really let’s it down. I mean why pay almost 3% off the top just to take money? None of my clients mind a bank transfer, it’s simple and costs nothing. I’ll check reckon but I reckon they might do the same deal as a means to augment their own income…..cheers Dave

  • David

    Hi All…..I finally found what I was looking for…..it has been a long search but you all might recall I was looking a simple easy to use accounting software for Mac that would replace e-record. Well I found it, it’s so simple to use and basically it “smokes”…called Manager…..http://download.cnet.com/Manager/3000-2066_4-13705114.html?tag=bc

  • Karen

    Hi Can anyone please help me. I have downloaded E-record and I can get to open the Worksheet Index but I can not save it I keep getting a NOT RESPONDING message

  • Anna-Marie

    Hello, I have tried installing e-records from an old tax office cd, but with no luck. Now when I try to install your version it says that because I have version 1 installed I cant install this one. The only problem is it doesn’t show up in my programs so I can’t uninstall it! Any idea how I can fix it? Many thanks in advance…

  • david 2

    does anybody know the user key for erecords i downloaded from this site

  • david

    I finally found a good replacement for e-record. It’s freeware good for accounts and even invoices…above all it is simple to use ….http://www.manager.io/

  • Glynis Newberry

    Hi Kay. I know it’s been a long time, but I had the identical issue to you, and I managed to sort it out. Please respond if you need to know.

  • Lea

    Hi Glynis. I would love know

  • Susan E

    Just downloaded e-record from your site as I have a new computer. Thanks so much for this as it has saved me from thinking about upgrading to myob.

  • vikk777

    Thanks for this….ATO should have kept this program alive, as I find it great and soooo easy to use….you have served us well for making this available from your site…….well done….:)

  • joy

    It is now 2015 and my son has given me a new (old) computer, a 5 year upgrade from my last one which is now 10 years old. So I needed to download once again erecord. So thank you! Kilbot! You are wonderful for letting this stay online for us old school types! And just a word of warning for those oldies thinking of changing to etax! A friend of mine started on etax and put in $35000 instead of $3500, then realised their mistake and tried to change it…… no, no, no! You can’t change the amounts once they’re online, so now he is in a battle with the tax department who want to charge him tax on the mistake! So stay with erecord if it’s your current system….. it still works fine and dandy offline and then you can just send in your written tax form as per usual…… :-}

  • Donald Kempf

    Ok same boat as most. a new computer, with old data.
    i have had some minor sucsess and i did print out my job register. but if i go to a new page, it all vanishes. i would assume i have started the restore with the wrong back up folder. can anyone tell me what name i should be looking for. my old data has a few hundred files when you search for a (.ifm) file.

  • Uland Sievert

    Thanks again. Still using erecord until they change the GST rate. Cheers.

  • HealthySmurf

    Thank you for providing this free download. eRecord is a brilliant program and I’ve been using it for years – glad to be able to download it on my new laptop and keep using it! :)

  • Steve

    Thanks !!!!

  • Lou

    hi i have a small problem which i hope you can help. i have a mac and have dowloaded e records but when i go to install it this comes up
    “Safari can’t open the file “eRecord_v6-2_Setup-2” because no available application can open it. can anyone help please.

  • Allan

    Just had to get a new computer and saved by you guys again, though was a bot worried that it said in the down load link win32 as new comp is 64, but downloaded anyway and works perfectly

  • John

    Thanks for keeping it alive. I have used it since it all began and gave my disc to a friend to download but have not got it back.

  • Leanne Riley

    help help help. downloaded the e-record to an old mac and it comes up with “there is no application installed to read this program” anyone have any answers for me?

  • Pete

    What version Mac Os are you running?

  • Peter

    It looks like people still want to run this software and this list is still alive! Me too.
    I can’t get it to run in Windows 8.1. It says it needs entapi32.dll and ODMA32.dll. Windows 8.1 is referenced by previous users, but none have actually given any detail. And, has anyone actually tried jf3000? It looks dodgy to me!

  • Billie

    I have downloaded your e-Record Version 6.2 Win32 – 16.1 MB. I’m running Windows 8.1 and it will allow me to download e-Record, but won’t allow me to open it. Could anyone please tell me if they are having the same problem and what I can do to fix it so I can use e-Record 6.2. I would be much appreciated, Billie.


    Is Erecord still okay to install on latest Windows 8 system?

  • Robert Lang

    QuickBAS is very similar to e-Record. QuickBAS.net.au.

  • Peter Rokov

    Mate.. You are a life savour … unfortunately I keep getting an error message on my windows 8 computer.. I’ll have to try setting up a virtual XP. Hopefully that will solve it….

  • Peter Rokov

    Just tried it and straight away…. QuickBas is crap…. Give me e record any day…

  • Jeremy P.

    QuickBAS is not e-Record. However, it is a very useful alternative. I have used it for 3 BAS quarters now for my (sole trader) business, and it has everything I need, and almost everything I want (but no invoicing). Very easy workflow. I love it.

  • Peter Harlow

    I second that. I am using QuickBAS, and find it very useful and v. easy to use. I’m on a Mac, and e-record no longer works on new Macs. QuickBAS is a great alternative.

  • Leo M. in Tasmania

    All this interest in QuickBAS. Downloaded and installed. Like what I see so far. Clear layout, easy to use. Painless BAS creation. Quarterly only, no monthly. No invoicing. No P&L reports. For me, needing only essentials, its a good replacement for e-Record.

  • Paulina

    thankyou- downloaded e-record succesfully but get aksed for rego key when try to open any files??

  • Michael Gant

    Thankyou, have used this for years, needed to download again due to computer format. Thanks so much.

  • Geoff L

    I used your download years ago to get version 6.2 e-record. I recently bought a new computer with window10. Not much joy with my old disc of 4.2 so downloaded again. Bit of trouble copying data across but only because of business code but finally got there. Have used e-record since it first came out. It is brilliant and we have never had an issue with it. Still use it for all record keeping and tax preparation and doing BAS returns. Bloody brilliant. Thankyou so much for keeping it available – you have saved my bacon and will keep you in mind when I can afford to get someone to build me a “real” website.

  • Vic

    I tried to use eRecord on Windows 10 and when I open the WorkSheetIndex file, it opens but a box opens up stating “You must open WorkSheetIndex file before you can open any other file.” I can see my file open but when I click OK on the button, it closes and only the top menu remains.
    Can someone help please?

  • Michael Walsh

    Hi I have updated my Macbook to later OSX and ow e Record wont run.
    So have downloaded this latest version to an older machine.
    Loads and runs fine.
    But, how to get it to see my old data?
    Have copied e record file to the older machine, but not linking up.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Agree with other users – erecord is a simple system and thanks for making it available.

  • I was told about ‘Wave Accounting’ by my daughter. I have started using it and find it is a pretty good system and, it is free. There is still the learning curve to go through when starting a new system, but it is not toooo hard. Give it a try if you want to go for something other than eRecord.

  • Gary Greenfield

    I still haven’t found anything of value so I still use E-Record.
    I wanted to use cash flow but buying the manager and the employment sections separately made it very expensive or $700 for the gold package.
    I have been using E-Record now for 12 years.

  • Hany Wardy

    Could not download e record on Mac, its not supporting the program any more, is there any solution?

  • ricky

    can someone please tell me how to change new year for erecord.not that good on computers

  • Greg T

    what program do I need to open my eRecord 6 Since my computer came back from being serviced etc. I cannot open my eRecord or it won’t open the files. I need help to work out to open my files, what programs etc do I need. I think some are ifm files. Any help appreciated. Greg

  • Greg T

    Hi Gary, what program opens your files in eRecord, as I cannot open my files

  • Gary Greenfield

    I don’t understand, I still use Erecord and I don’t use another program to open the files. I can’t even see how it’s possible, sorry. Google File Extension IFM if you want a way to open them, seem you can download a trial program called FileViewPro, but what would be the point when you can still install Erecord?

  • Patsy Talbot

    Thanks for the reply, I have been able to find my files and open them, just had to go around it in a different way. I had the computer in for service and things were removed and reloaded, had trouble finding my eRecord figures, as I could no longer access them the usual way, thought I had lost work. All is well now, and yes I love eRecord, don’t know why they stopped supporting it. Cheers Greg T

  • Steve

    The ATO realised that those using E-Record were getting, on average, 20% more refund OR were paying 20% less tax. I cant remember which. Anywho, this is EUREKA ! I have turned all my old files upside down looking for the last version, to no avail. Thanks

  • l

    trying to put erecord 6.2 on my new computer but Norton says its unsafe. why

  • gareth turner

    Hi, tried opening the downloaded Mac version to my Mac desktop, but it said,
    “Safari can’t open the file “eRecord_v6-2_Setup-2” because no available application can open it.”
    Can anyone help?
    Gareth Turner

  • gareth turner

    Hi, tried opening the Mac version of E-Record 6.2, but got the following,

    “Safari can’t open the file “eRecord_v6-2_Setup-2” because no available application can open it.”

    I am running Mac OS X 10.7.5
    Can anyone help?

  • Amanda Hall

    Thanks for posting this program just simply the best and easiest accounting software ever big thank you again.

  • Di C

    Can someone help me pleas, I have upgraded to 6.3 version but when I go to open the programme bit says that it can not open programme. Do I need to download something else? Also I did not want to loose all my previous years of BAS..Please help

  • judy

    Any idea on how to make the font larger in Erecord

  • DaveC

    16/11/17 …… To continue making eRecord available is just brilliant – thank-you so SO much!!! Here we are so many years after the ATO deserted us and I’m still using it. I know it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of MYOB, Quickbooks etc but for my small business it is just so simple, easy to use and delivers all I want.

    I’ve just downloaded a copy for my son-in-law and daughter who are about to startup a small business and to have a basic book keeping package for free at their startup financial position is just so very much appreciated.

    (With our business and personal tax rates, AND the expectations of accountability for all, surely the ATO could find it in their budget to reinstate and update eRecord to help out new startup businesses.)

    thanks again for this brilliant service you are providing to us all ….. Dave

  • Karen

    Is erecords 6.2 still available to download now in 2018 thank you as I only use it to do the paper part

  • Wade Marsden

    Yes it is. Just follow the links that re supplied on this forum

  • Kendall Morgan-Chase

    Um, can erecords be loaded onto an external hard-drive to operate and not onto c:drive?

  • dianabyron

    E-record is the BEST for small businesses who don’t have employees and stock. I’ve tried the others and they are too complicated, too heavy…. but then it gets very difficult when you get a corrupt database and can’t get help with E-record. I accidentally moved my database file and broke the connection with the worksheet. NEVER move any of your files!

  • Sandra

    Hi I have tried to download the Mac version of e record to my lap top but it says it contains errors. Can I bypass this error or is there an up to date version?
    Please help

  • Margery Cribb

    How do I download e record?

  • Diane

    I keep getting this error message “You must open the Worksheet Index before you can open any other e-Record files”. I can see all my figures in the Cash Book behind the error message but cannot access them. Does anyone have any ideas?