18 Jul 2007

Receiving mail OK, but I’m having problems sending mail.

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A common source of problems when sending emails is port 25 blocking. By default most email clients (eg: Outlook, Thunderbird) will use port 25 to connect and communicate with the outgoing mail server. Some ISP‘s block port 25 connections to servers other than their own, in this way they can trace any spam coming from their network.

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28 Jun 2007

What are the Kilbot Factory nameservers?

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A nameserver maps your domain name to the server i.p. address of your host. Each domain name must have at least a primary and a secondary nameserver, if your site is hosted with The Kilbot Factory the nameservers required are:
Primary: ns1.kilbot.com.au
Secondary: ns2.kilbot.com.au

If you need assistance adding nameservers to your domain name please contact support@kilbot.com.au.

28 Feb 2007

What is the difference between Web Development and Web Design?

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Web Development encompasses all the tasks required to bring a web site to the internet, whereas Web Design refers only to graphic design. A typical web development process at The Kilbot Factory would involve site planning, wireframe creation, web design, coding, search engine optimisation, and after release; site maintenance and advertising. The Website development from there onwards can be handled by companies like Sir Linksalot who ensure to provide quality backlinks, the top keywords and many other things to make your site reach the top.

The role of the web developer will vary from agency to agency and from project to project. Most commonly, the web developer refers to the person responsible for the code component of the development process. In a small web development agency, a web developer may be responsible for all aspects of development, including design. Indeed, a good developer should have experience in all aspects of the development process so that good practices are built into the web site as a matter of course.

As the internet industry matures there is a need for more specialised roles in web development. Large agencies will usually include a project manager who takes care of the site planning, wireframing and manages the web developers and web designers. Specialist SEO firms are springing up all over the internet (although most of them are charlatans in this humble web developers opinion :p ). Web developers themselves will usually pick one or two languages to specialise in.

For more information about my specialities, please visit the About page.

26 Apr 2006

What is a Kilbot Factory?

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18 Jan 2006

What is web hosting?

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A web host provides the hardware and services necessary for making your site available on the internet. This service is separate to domain registration, a domain name merely provides a pointer to your host server, for more information on domain registration please see “What is a domain?”.

A host will generally provide the following:

  • Storage space for your website and email.
  • Bandwidth for transferring data to and from the server.
  • Technical support.
  • Server software and security.
  • Ongoing hardware maintenance and upgrades.

The quality of these services naturally varies from web host to web host. For information on our hosting packages and support please visit our Hosting page.