3 Jan 2010

2010 – the trend away from Facebook and Twitter

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The biggest tech story of 2009 has to be the astounding growth of the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. After disposing of rival MySpace in 2008, Facebook now achieves figures comparable to Google – around 130 million unique visitors daily and over 350 million registered users, adding a staggering 500,000 users every day. Yet this story was overshadowed (in hype at least) as Twitter hit the mainstream and finished the year with around 20 million unique visitors daily and an estimated 12 million registered users.

These two companies show little sign of slowing down, but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that 2010 will be the year that users begin to move away from social networking sites and back to the ancient art of blogging. Here’s why …

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6 Aug 2009

Publishing books online

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Just as the convergence of the internet, music compression and MP3 players opened doors for independent music artists nearly a decade ago, eBook readers and the EPUB format will allow self-published authors to distribute their work to a potentially huge audience and at a very little cost.

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14 Jun 2009

XML-RPC on the iPhone

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This week I’ve been porting a simple J2ME mobile phone application to the iPhone. The J2ME application allows users to login and exchange data with a web application via XML-RPC, so naturally I was keen to use the same server-side scripts for the iPhone app. As far as I know, there is no no specific open source framework available for XML-RPC on the iPhone, but the folks at WordPress for iPhone have rolled their own which is available under the GNU General Public License, and with a little fishing around I was able to get it up and running in my own app. Basic instructions after the jump…
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5 Jul 2008

Kinder Memories on DVD

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Kinder Memories screenshotThe Kilbot Factory has just released a new site for Kinder Memories on DVD. The site features a custom WordPress theme with a Flash Media Player for steaming videos and password managed areas for clients.


20 Jun 2008

Import and archive your old emails with GMail

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GmailThere’s been a bit of buzz about Google Apps lately, particularly in web hosting circles with Dreamhost founder Josh Jones recommending his clients use GMail for email rather than their own servers. The Kilbot Factory will be offering Google App integration for our clients in the near future, but anyone can use GMail to archive old emails right now, for free. Here’s how…
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