7 Nov 2005

Sam Simmons

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Sam Simmonshttp://www.samsimmons.com.au

The Kilbot Factory is quickly becoming the comedian’s web designer of choice. This month we have released a site for Melbourne comedian Sam Simmons.

The design brief was 1980’s meets 1800’s so we went with daggy wallpaper, graffiti and Victorian furniture. The site includes a simple content management system for updating gigs, stories and pictures.

28 Sep 2005

The Bedroom Philosopher

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The Bedroom Philosopherhttp://www.bedroomphilosopher.com

The Kilbot Factory worked with Melbourne designer Tammy Nicholson to create this lively site for Justin Heazlewood a.k.a. The Bedroom Philosopher. The site uses WordPress as a Content Management System and was created with cutting edge PHP, XHTML and CSS (check out the disjointed CSS rollovers on the home page, no javascript! : ).

3 Aug 2005

Tim Minchin v.2

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Tim Minchin version 2http://www.timminchin.com

The Kilbot Factory has released a new version of Tim Minchin’s web site to coincide with his tour of the UK, which includes gigs at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The site still uses WordPress as a back end for the content and we have added Gallery2 for photos so Tim can keep in contact with his fans.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we add more content and some nice flash curio.

15 Jun 2005

Career Compass

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Career Compasshttp://www.careercompass.com.au

Working with Mintox Design, The Kilbot Factory provided a customised membership login and database, credit card validation, pagination and printer friendly pages, automatic mailouts and other PHP services for the Career Compass web site.

5 Apr 2005

Tim Minchin (snippets)

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Tim Minchinhttp://www.timminchin.com/snip.php

In April 2005, the Kilbot Factory created a small interactive Flash animation to help promote Tim’s upcoming Melbourne International Comedy Festival show. The animation features snippets of Tim’s comedy show and was part of the internet advertising we did for the show.