25 Sep 2006

IE 3px bug

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IE can sometimes display a very confusing 3px gap (as described here). If the Holly Hack (height: 1%) won’t work try:

/* hide from MacIE \*/
* html #sidebar { margin-right: -3px; }
* html #content { margin-left: 0; }
/* end hide */

21 Aug 2006


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While looking at a site the other day I noticed a PHPSESSID token appended to the URL, here’s how to get rid of it… in the .htaccess file tell php to store the token in cookies, rather than pass the variable through the URL:

## add to .htaccess

php_value session.use_only_cookies 1
php_value session.use_trans_sid 0

3 Aug 2006

Common HTML Special Characters

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Display Symbolic Description
´ ´ acute accent
& & ampersand
¦ ¦ broken vertical bar
• bullet
¸ ¸ cedilla
¢ ¢ cent
ˆ ˆ modifier circumflex accent
© © copyright
† dagger
‡ double dagger
° ° degree
÷ ÷ division
„ double low-9 quotation mark
½ ½ fraction half (not on older Macs)
¼ ¼ fraction quarter (not on older Macs)
¾ ¾ fraction three quarters (not on older Macs)
> > greater than
… horizontal ellipsis
¡ ¡ inverted exclamation mark
¿ ¿ inverted question mark
« « left-pointing double angle quotation mark
“ left double quotation mark
‹ single left-pointing angle quotation mark
‘ left single quotation mark
< &lt; less than
¯ &macr; macron
µ &micro; micro
· &middot; middle dot
&mdash; em dash
&ndash; en dash
  &nbsp; non-breaking space
¬ &not; not
&para; paragraph
&permil; per mill sign
± &plusmn; plus-minus
" &quot; quotation mark
® &reg; registered
&rdquo; right double quotation mark
» &raquo; right-pointing double angle quotation mark
&rsaquo; single right-pointing angle quotation mark
&rsquo; right single quotation mark
&sbquo; single low-9 quotation mark
§ &sect; section
­ &shy; soft hyphen
¨ &uml; umlaut/diaeresis
˜ &tilde; small tilde
× &times; multiplication
&trade; trade mark
ª &ordf; feminine ordinal indicator
º &ordm; masculine ordinal indicator
&euro; euro sign
£ &pound; pound sign
¥ &yen; yen sign
¤ &curren; international
&spades; black spade suit
&clubs; black club suit
&hearts; black heart suit
&diams; black diamand suit

14 Jul 2006

Setting up a dev server

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This article gives directions on how to roll your own ddns server. I currently use kilbot.homeip.net for my home development server, the dynamic dns service is provided by dyndns.org. By following this article I could use dev.kilbot.com.au which would be a more elegant solution for my clients… sure beats paying $30 odd dollars a month for static ip.

A DDNS Server Using BIND and Nsupdate