17 Nov 2011

Update to cPanel

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Both the Australian and US servers have had a minor software update to cPanel, you can view the changelog here. The update brings some bug fixes and also an update to Roundcube 0.6 and phpMyAdmin

13 May 2009

Will I have the ability to update my website, eg: change text, upload photos etc?

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This is probably the most frequently asked question during the web development process. The answer is “of course” but the option that is right for you will vary, you need to have a think about your requirements, your computer skills and your budget. Take a moment to consider the following three alternatives…
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20 Apr 2008

Public Webalizer stats for cPanel users

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I like to give my hosting clients the ability to check their website statistics without having to log into cPanel. There is no native way to do this through WHM or cPanel so I have created a little Perl script to automatically make Webalizer stats public when a new account is created. If you would like to offer stats outside of cPanel, copy the following code into a file called postwwwacctuser and upload to your scripts folder, remembering to make the script executable. For more information on postwwwacctuser please see the cPanel/WHM Hooks page.

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