8 May 2009

How much should I spend on my Google AdWords campaign?

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Arriving a figure for your AdWords campaign can be a daunting task. How much to spend each day? How much on each keyword? And which keywords! … Here are a few things to consider which may help guide you to an appropriate AdWords budget within the larger context of online marketing. Read the rest of this entry »

2 Dec 2008

Help! I can’t send or receive emails

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If you are having problems sending and receiving emails from your computer it is likely there is a configuration error with your email client or your ISP. Contact support and we’ll work through the issue, and remember, you can always check your email via webmail, simply go to our homepage www.kilbot.com.au and log in using your email address and password.

20 Jun 2008

Import and archive your old emails with GMail

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GmailThere’s been a bit of buzz about Google Apps lately, particularly in web hosting circles with Dreamhost founder Josh Jones recommending his clients use GMail for email rather than their own servers. The Kilbot Factory will be offering Google App integration for our clients in the near future, but anyone can use GMail to archive old emails right now, for free. Here’s how…
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18 Jul 2007

Receiving mail OK, but I’m having problems sending mail.

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A common source of problems when sending emails is port 25 blocking. By default most email clients (eg: Outlook, Thunderbird) will use port 25 to connect and communicate with the outgoing mail server. Some ISP‘s block port 25 connections to servers other than their own, in this way they can trace any spam coming from their network.

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18 Jan 2006

What is web hosting?

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A web host provides the hardware and services necessary for making your site available on the internet. This service is separate to domain registration, a domain name merely provides a pointer to your host server, for more information on domain registration please see “What is a domain?”.

A host will generally provide the following:

  • Storage space for your website and email.
  • Bandwidth for transferring data to and from the server.
  • Technical support.
  • Server software and security.
  • Ongoing hardware maintenance and upgrades.

The quality of these services naturally varies from web host to web host. For information on our hosting packages and support please visit our Hosting page.