11 May 2010

How to get to number 1 in Google

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Firstly, let me make it clear; anyone that guarantees you number 1 position on Google, Yahoo or Bing is either lying or delusional, you should turn and run from such “SEO Consultants”, “Link Building Experts” or “Social Media Gurus” as quickly as possible (OK, social media gurus don’t have much to do with search engine ranking but you should run from them nonetheless). There are no quick fixes for increasing your page ranking and no guarantees you will reach number 1.
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3 Jan 2010

2010 – the trend away from Facebook and Twitter

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The biggest tech story of 2009 has to be the astounding growth of the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. After disposing of rival MySpace in 2008, Facebook now achieves figures comparable to Google – around 130 million unique visitors daily and over 350 million registered users, adding a staggering 500,000 users every day. Yet this story was overshadowed (in hype at least) as Twitter hit the mainstream and finished the year with around 20 million unique visitors daily and an estimated 12 million registered users.

These two companies show little sign of slowing down, but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that 2010 will be the year that users begin to move away from social networking sites and back to the ancient art of blogging. Here’s why …

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20 Jun 2008

Import and archive your old emails with GMail

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GmailThere’s been a bit of buzz about Google Apps lately, particularly in web hosting circles with Dreamhost founder Josh Jones recommending his clients use GMail for email rather than their own servers. The Kilbot Factory will be offering Google App integration for our clients in the near future, but anyone can use GMail to archive old emails right now, for free. Here’s how…
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17 Jul 2007

Waterkeepers Australia

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Waterkeepers Australia websiteWaterkeepers Australia came to us in desperate need of a website redesign. Their previous website was hard to update, hard to navigate and hard to read. So this is what we did;

  • Stripped out the old table-based layout and started from scratch with a fresh, modern design.
  • Installed WordPress as a content management system for easy updating.
  • Integrated Google Calendar and Flickr to increase community involvement.
  • Brought members and participation to the fore with feature boxes and quick links.

We think the results speak for themselves, so please check out the Waterkeepers Australia website and help protect Australia’s precious waterways.


30 Oct 2006

Alexa Top Sites in Australia

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Top 500 sites in Australia as reported by Alexa, take it with a grain of salt but it is handy for SEO to get an indication of which search engines Australians are using.

Google fills first and second places, which fits with data collected on my sites. Yahoo are next and then MSN.

Interesting to note Yahoo tops the rankings in the United States. I would suspect the figures are a little skewed to the type of web user would would install the Alexa tool bar.