3 May 2008

Using the image input type to post a form in IE

Posted by kilbot | Filed under: Programming

I had one of those ‘gotcha’ moments yesterday when testing a contact form I had made for a client. The issue (and fix) is painfully obvious once you see it, but it did leave me scratching my head for about an hour so I thought it was worth writing down.

The form worked as expected in Firefox, Safari and Opera (I develop on a mac), but when I tested in IE 6 & 7 nothing happened – you’d click the submit button but the form would not be processed… a rather serious usability issue you might say.

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25 Sep 2006

IE 3px bug

Posted by kilbot | Filed under: Programming

IE can sometimes display a very confusing 3px gap (as described here). If the Holly Hack (height: 1%) won’t work try:

/* hide from MacIE \*/
* html #sidebar { margin-right: -3px; }
* html #content { margin-left: 0; }
/* end hide */