23 Apr 2008

Are you available for hire?

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Certainly. I am available for hire by the hour, by the day, by the week, by the month … whatever you require.

Some tasks you may consider hiring me for;

  • Professional PSD to XHTML/CSS/JS work.
  • HTML email templates, tested on all major email clients.
  • SEO consulting and Google AdWords consulting.
  • Website maintenance, from adding an image to recoding an entire site.
  • WordPress plugins, theme creation and training.
  • PHP scripting, from custom forms and surveys to complete online applications.
  • … and pretty much anything to do with the internet. Try me :)

Please contact paul@kilbot.com.au for more information on availability and rates.

14 Dec 2006

php_value max_execution_time

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Add this to the .htaccess file if you are having troubles with php scripts timing out.

php_value max_execution_time      120

21 Aug 2006


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While looking at a site the other day I noticed a PHPSESSID token appended to the URL, here’s how to get rid of it… in the .htaccess file tell php to store the token in cookies, rather than pass the variable through the URL:

## add to .htaccess

php_value session.use_only_cookies 1
php_value session.use_trans_sid 0