20 Apr 2008

Public Webalizer stats for cPanel users

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I like to give my hosting clients the ability to check their website statistics without having to log into cPanel. There is no native way to do this through WHM or cPanel so I have created a little Perl script to automatically make Webalizer stats public when a new account is created. If you would like to offer stats outside of cPanel, copy the following code into a file called postwwwacctuser and upload to your scripts folder, remembering to make the script executable. For more information on postwwwacctuser please see the cPanel/WHM Hooks page.

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1 Jan 2007

It’s that stats time of year

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Australia has an internet penetration of 70.7% (14,663,622 users) according to Nielsen (via internetworldstats.com). This is slightly higher than North America (68.1%) but below Malta (78.1%). This is a measure of people who have access to the web… and probably not a true indication of how many people actually use the internet regularly. Given that the number of broadband users is 1,300,359 there are still a lot of people who have dial-up to check their email once a month.

On a semi-related note, Whirlpool.net.au is having their annual Australian Broadband Survey, you can give your view on the state of broadband in Australia by going to http://whirlpool.net.au/survey/. The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete.

30 Oct 2006

Alexa Top Sites in Australia

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Top 500 sites in Australia as reported by Alexa, take it with a grain of salt but it is handy for SEO to get an indication of which search engines Australians are using.

Google fills first and second places, which fits with data collected on my sites. Yahoo are next and then MSN.

Interesting to note Yahoo tops the rankings in the United States. I would suspect the figures are a little skewed to the type of web user would would install the Alexa tool bar.